The Night Also Rises – Science-Fiction/Noir Mystery, Available in Paperback

Now available in paperback: a new Science-Fiction/Noir Mystery novella by C.B. McCullough.  Described by readers as The Maltese Falcon meets Star Wars, and Blade Runner meets Casablanca, The Night Also Rises is an exciting new take on the hardboiled detective novel and a murder mystery like you’ve never seen before.

A unique blend of mystery and science fiction, The Night Also Rises follows private investigator Jack Tarelli on a chase through the shadowy underbelly of a city that never wakes, tracking down a heinous killer whose motives are shrouded in corruption, betrayal and deceit.  But as connections to Jack’s own dark and mysterious past arise, it becomes clear that this is more than a search for the truth; it’s a race against time…

“Everyone who has ever lived has died, and yet we all still think ourselves immortal,” says Harland.  “We always think we are the exception. These days, every time that sun sets, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll ever see it again.”

I slurp down the rest of my drink, leaning against the balcony railing and looking out at the city… Harland’s not alone in his anxieties.  Night falls hard on Jannix.  With a synodic day of sixteen standard days, night lasts one hundred and forty-five hours here; almost an entire week without sunlight.  It’s enough to make any man wonder if he’ll see another dawn…

Shadows call over Amber City.  Another long night has begun.

– from The Night Also Rises

Pick up your paperback copy of The Night Also Rises from or the Createspace eStore for just $9.99, or download the ebook for $2.99.  As always, signed copies are available by Contacting Me personally.

The Knife...
The Knife…

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