The Reviews Are In – What Readers Are Saying About The Fallen Odyssey

“Epic, serious fantasy.”

“Grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. Even when I put it down, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

“Breaks the mold. Just as much about the human condition as a classic adventure in a world far away.”

“One of those few elite books that don’t have a low point. There is no part of the book that gets dull and monotonous. As it progresses, the plot becomes even more enticing, making the book harder to put down the more you read! C.B. McCullough really keeps the reader guessing and entertained… I truly felt like I was watching every event in the plot take place. He incorporated everything he wrote in the book– nothing was ‘fluff’, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!”

“Unquestionably the best (and most original) independent fantasy novel I’ve read. Easily 5 Stars. Now very much looking forward to the next book!”

“A fantastic story describing a young man’s internal conflicts between doing what he wants and doing what is right… The magical system is unique and extensive; the battles are detailed and compelling, and the world is full of ancient mysteries.”

“Far too many pages dedicated to describing in tiring detail the various fight scenes. Other readers might lap this up, but I admit to barely skimming through those sections.”

“Last page made my jaw drop.”

See for yourself.

7 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In – What Readers Are Saying About The Fallen Odyssey

  1. I appreciate the fact that you added a slight negative – but if memory serves me well here – I could swear the rest of that review (the one about too many overly described fight scenes) said your book was quite the page turner and the reviewer most definitely wanted to read right through to the end.

    1. It sure did! (And that reviewer’s kind words were much appreciated!)
      I wanted to keep this post fairly brief by only including some highlights, and it seemed important, for sake of integrity, to include a slightly negative blurb along with the good ones– to prove I’m not just advertising my favorites.
      I definitely wouldn’t want the picking and choosing of certain sentences to mislead anyone about the book, nor about an individual reviewer’s preferences, so I would encourage anyone interested to check out the full reviews here. Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is a funny place to leave this comment, as it’s your review page, but I have just read your article on reviews, and tend to agree with you. I most particularly enjoy reading books that critics have slated, actually, to find that odd one, that is secretly brilliant!

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