Download A Free Novel by C.B. McCullough

Available for free download: C.B. McCullough’s debut novel, The Fallen Odyssey (2013).  Read this epic fantasy adventure on your Kindle for free.

The Fallen Odyssey

From C.B. MCCULLOUGH comes a thrilling adventure for young adults and experienced readers alike.


When seventeen-year-old Justin Holmes wakes from a strange, amnesic slumber, he finds himself in an unknown land, far from his rural Pennsylvania hometown. With no memory of how he came to be in this world of vast grasslands, sky-scraping mountains and double moons, his only choice is to cling for dear life to some unlikely allies: an eccentric old hermit, and a cold-blooded, duplicitous mercenary.

When unwillingly recruited to help rescue a kidnapped young woman, Justin is swept off into the wild on a dangerous mission, all while struggling to learn what twist of fate has landed him in this bizarre alternate dimension.

Questions and mysteries abound as Justin is pulled deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. But lurking in the shadows of this fantasy realm is something darker and far more sinister than kidnappers; an ancient, demonic evil, that while threatening the peace of an entire world, may also hold the secret of Justin’s destiny, the key to his gateway home, and the end of his Fallen Odyssey…

A thrilling, epic fantasy adventure suitable for young adults and experienced readers alike

165,000 words (about 525 printed, paperback pages)

Buy it (and I use that term loosely) from Amazon for $0.00!


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