Writers: Do You Believe In Your Talent?

You’re a writer. You’ve worked hard. You’ve sacrificed your time and energy, toiling away for hundreds, even thousands of hours on a story, book or project, until its prose is soaked like a sponge with your blood, sweat and tears.

Now, for the big questions. Was it worth it? Do you believe in your own talent? Does your writing deserve to be all that it can be?

Not long ago, I was digging up artifacts and conducting cultural resource surveys for an environmental consulting firm, where I was, more often than not, covered in dirt, mud, and ticks. Before that, I was a full-time copywriter for an asset management company. Now I’m a full-time freelance writer and editor specializing in creative writing, proofreading and editing. My focus is in providing affordable editing for self-published books.

Services offered:

  • Creative Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Content Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Self-Publishing Consultation

How can you get your self-published novel edited affordably? How can you hire a proofreader without breaking the bank? How do you self-publish a book? In the past year, I have helped clients answer those very questions. I’ve tackled freelance projects including editing a client’s fantasy novel, ghostwriting several ebooks, editing and publishing a pastor’s self-help/spiritual nonfiction book, and numerous other proofreading and editing projects. For testimonials of my work, visit my profile on LinkedIn.

I’m reliable, flexible, easy to work with, and I take my work seriously. My favorite feeling in the world is completing a project. Whether constructing an original piece of writing or polishing the words of another, my passion is to deliver, quickly and efficiently, the best product possible.

If you’ve worked hard on your project, you deserve a polished, perfect end result. If you believe in your own talent, contact me, and together we’ll can make your work the best it can be.

DSC_0178– Corey (C.B.) McCullough


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