C.B. McCullough Loves Sequels… Sometimes

C.B. McCullough Loves Sequels… Sometimes

Sequels: the double-edged sword of the film industry.

Like all movie geeks, I love a good sequel, and I hate, hate, hate a bad one.  It’s a pity that such a vast majority of Part 2s fall into that second category.  So what do good sequels do right, where the bad ones go wrong?  Find out, in a guest post by yours truly on one of my new favorite sites, WriterLovesMovies.

Run by freelance film critic Natalie Stendall, Writer Loves Movies brings together film reviews, movie news and trailer talk.  So head on over, have a browse, and join in the chatter.

A special thanks to Natalie – a new writer friend who could not be nicer – for putting together a great site and lending me some space on it for a nerdy rant.

– CB


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