The Oikoumene – Fantasy World Map

Originally blogged on This new map, created by author C.B. McCullough, is based on the fantasy world of The Fallen Odyssey book series and features locations mentioned in Book 1: The Fallen Odyssey (2013), and Book 2: The Fallen Aeneid (2014), new fantasy books in the young adult fiction category.

The Oikoumene - The World Of The Fallen Odyssey Fantasy Book Series
The Oikoumene – The World Of The Fallen Odyssey Fantasy Book Series

Readers can attest to the fact that the Oikoumene is not like other fantasy worlds. Unlike most books of the fantasy genre, the protagonist of The Fallen Odyssey is a boy from Earth. As he struggles to find his way home from this strange, alternate dimension of swords, shields and twin moons, our hero braves otherworldly locales, unearthly creatures, and dark, demonic evil. If this is your first glimpse of The Fallen Odyssey, take your next step down the path less traveled. Download a free audiobookread for free online, or shop for your own copy in paperback or ebook.

A Note From C.B. McCullough:

Greetings, TFO readers! Having received several requests for a map to go along with The Fallen Odyssey, I hope that this image provides a suitable frame of reference for the events of the weird stories that you graciously continue to tolerate. This image is meant to enhance the reading experience for fans of The Fallen Odyssey Series. It was not created by a professional fantasy map maker. Although there are numerous world generator programs (web-based and downloadable alike) on the market, this image was created without using any specialized world-building programs or map-making software. You are welcome to share and download this image for entertainment purposes.  – CB


3 thoughts on “The Oikoumene – Fantasy World Map

      1. Nice. I’m currently doing the same for my exasperating novel….

        ….ie: hand drawn, scanned as pdf, then opened in Illustrator and then “drawn” over with Illustrators features….

        i’m still working on some but I’ll post one so you can see what I mean.

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