NEW RELEASE – “The Fallen Aeneid” by C.B. McCullough

Now available!  The Fallen Aeneid, the much-anticipated sequel to C.B. McCullough’s debut novel, The Fallen Odyssey (2013).  The Fallen Aeneid will take readers to new corners of the epic fantasy world that has captured the imaginations of readers of all ages. Justin Holmes returns to the Oikoumene to discover that something unexplainable happened in his absence.  […]


Grandma Ebo’s Take On The Fallen Odyssey

Grandma Ebo: “Where did you get all those ideas?” Me: “Oh, just stuff I daydreamed. Things in my head.” Grandma Ebo: “Well, I’m glad you got it all out of there.” Wise words from Ebo, my great-grandmother, who just turned 100 years old!  She read every word of The Fallen Odyssey and is waiting for […]

The Enrichment of Creation

“So great is the bounty with which (man) has been treated that he may now, perhaps, fairly dare to guess that in Fantasy he may actually assist in the effoliation and multiple enrichment of creation. All tales may come true .” –  J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories, 1947

Download A Free Novel by C.B. McCullough

Available for free download: C.B. McCullough’s debut novel, The Fallen Odyssey (2013).  Read this epic fantasy adventure on your Kindle for free. The Fallen Odyssey From C.B. MCCULLOUGH comes a thrilling adventure for young adults and experienced readers alike. From When seventeen-year-old Justin Holmes wakes from a strange, amnesic slumber, he finds himself in an unknown […]