The Downfall of Science – DNA, High-Tech Detectives and Public Ire

This text below is an excerpt from The Night Also Rises, a science-fiction/noir mystery novel in the hardboiled detective tradition, written and self-published by C.B. McCullough. Perhaps the proverbial scene of the crime conjures images of dusting for fingerprints or scanning for biological material.  Perhaps it evokes thoughts of taking blood samples or running DNA database queries. If […]

The Night Also Rises – Science-Fiction/Noir Mystery, Available in Paperback

Now available in paperback: a new Science-Fiction/Noir Mystery novella by C.B. McCullough.  Described by readers as The Maltese Falcon meets Star Wars, and Blade Runner meets Casablanca, The Night Also Rises is an exciting new take on the hardboiled detective novel and a murder mystery like you’ve never seen before. A unique blend of mystery and science fiction, The Night […]