Book II: The Fallen Aeneid

FrontCOVERThe adventure continues in the sequel to C.B. McCullough’s 2013 epic fantasy novel, The Fallen Odyssey.

One year after the car accident that killed his mother and paralyzed his father, teenager Justin Holmes was transported from Earth to an alternate world known as the Oikoumene, home to a mystical energy force called aurym

When recruited by a mercenary and an immortal man to rescue the kidnapped Leah Anavion, Justin began a journey that would lead to the realization of his own identity as an ethoul—a powerful inter-world traveler known to many as a fallen angel

Now the boy from Earth returns to the Oikoumene to discover that something unexplainable has happened during his absence. Will he take up his sword again in the fight against evil, or has the enemy already won? 

A shadowed past. An ancient secret. A new enemy. And a horrifying betrayal. 

A new journey begins in The Fallen Aeneid…

Learn more at, check out The Fallen Aeneid on Amazon, or read the first six chapters right here on McCullough Writes.

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